Underwater Octopus – Fast and Easy Sketching

They say sketching and painting an octopus is hard, but we will make it easier with this tutorial. is .We begin by sketching the general shape of the little head, and the body. It is rounded on the bottom, and let´s draw also the tentacles.Once we have the general sketch, we can start refining the forms. To do this, as you see I hold the pencil closer to the tip,to have more control. Very good! And a tentacle is going to be over here as if it were scratching its own belly. And the other ones on the side at down here. Excellent!

I´m using a blue pencil on blueish, carbon paper.The list of materials is in the description under. We begin doing some texture and tone. On the upper part it has some wrinkles. While the bottom part, is pretty smooth. Let´s start doing some shadings so, it begins to have volume. And coming back to the octopus, we do two roads of suction cups on the tentacles that are seen, let´s say from the bottom. I like octopus, they have a lot of personality and they are very intelligent too. I remember at time when I saw a documentary, in which an octopus was placed inside a glass bottled, he observed how the led was screwed tight and intermediately from the inside he unscrewed it and escaped.

Scientists believe among the animals with no bones, the octopus is the most intelligent on the planet. An interesting note, is that it has three hearts and eight sub-brains,one for each tentacle, and of course, a general brain. It is a shy animal and harmless toward man, its defense mechanism consists in hiding in cracks or changing its tonality,or even producing wrinkles to look like stones, and as we know, in cases of great danger it can expel a dark tint, to escape. However man, is not harmless to the octopus.

I gave some lights with a white pencil, and now I´m doing some shadows,with a darker blue.To help, making it look like it is in the water, let´s draw some little white bubbles. Good! And with this, it will be ready! Congratulate yourself for a job well done.